Love made me cruel

” . . . treachery and violence are spears pointed at both ends; they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.”

~Emily Bronte~

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  1. hey wonderful site…love ralph:X

  2. hi
    nice to be here

  3. All the same how old the photo is, in the heart of the fans he will be always young and nice, a woman must long for lying in his arms, but everybody is not able to do it, I, unfortunately, also not.

    • And if I this web page very much popular by me open around him to see what I see over and over again: the probably younger man who plays theatre, as it can act quite seldom before and after him an actor. It is a pity, he feels frightened if one wants to compare his achievement to that of Laurence Oliviers? How did it come too so much modesty? Fiennes too often plays the sufferer as if himself liked him just in it, does not understand why. Only because that role was too nice as a politician (maiden in Manhattan) to be true? Then he may also play no princes in fairy tale films, they are as flawless.

  4. Now, it looked for me very much after “Romeo and Julia”, but was probably a mistake, but thus one fancies art: if it had been in the theatre, no woman would have kept more a dry eye, is it that what he wants to reach? The fact that one must always cry when one sees suffering him either, or if it even seems as if he suffered just once again? When this suffering has begun and when it will stop no matter whether also grief is responsible in the private with for it: nobody can suffer forever.

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  6. Oh,dear i love ralph!bronze of love inside,teachers of heart,ill take the blame for you and if your burnt,dont worry ill keep your ashes,with my sweet kiss,like a breezy moon of love,for then the whispers of love behind taught me how to write poems!”-and the lamplight dies…-the end-otherwise add me at facebook!i lov this site suPer…<3muah!

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