I do not care to talk to you although
Your speech evokes a thousand sympathies,
And all my being’s silent harmonies
Wake trembling into music. When you go
It is as if some sudden, dreadful blow
Had severed all the strings with savage ease.
No, do not talk; but let us rather seize
This intimate gift of silence which we know.
Others may guess your thoughts from what you say,
As storms are guessed from clouds where darkness broods.
To me the very essence of the day
Reveals its inner purpose and its moods;
As poplars feel the rain and then straightway
Reverse their leaves and shimmer through the woods.

~Amy Lowell~

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  1. Of course one wished: an elf would touch his face and release it from all what causes worries and grief. Disciples make? He would look quite stupidly with a lifted face, well that he grows old like another as mortal man.

  2. I was going to play basketball at the bottom of this hill. The court was all dry earth like I was in the desert. Then it seemed like some Arabic man had tipped me off that there was someone dying in there and he had him out there.

    I ran down to go save the man and he turned out to be Ralph Fiennes. He was in this perfect circle of water and the water had reached his nose. I pulled him out of this chair that he was strapped to and he was blue in the face. He was wearing all this Hitler clothing like if Hitler were a cartoon character. He was even wearing Hitler underwear. He told me he was doing this movie about Hitler and the man who put him there was angered by that and tried to drown him.

    I don’t remember what happened after that but I tried to remember that part of my dream so I could write it down later.

    I was telling people in my other dreams about the Ralph Fiennes one.

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