The Little Boy Found

The little boy lost in the lonely fen,
Led by the wand’ring light,
Began to cry; but God, ever nigh,
Appear’d like his father in white.

He kissed the child & by the hand led
And to his mother brought,
Who in sorrow pale, thro’ the lonely dale,
Her little boy weeping sought.

~William Blake~

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  1. I stop my thoughts, dream at night I only of English words which I want to say you and then you lie on the ground? Though the ground was kissed by the elves, fairies, good geniuses, after and before you have touched him. Possibly you have pushed just in a small elf’s girl, one cannot note (something like that) as you cuddled up to the ground? But I want never to see you tired lying around somewhere. Even if you look happy, one does not say free of charge from you: you are a puzzling man. What my friend says to the fact that I only buy films if you join in in them? He knows that he must divide me with you

  2. One may not compare to a small boy, nevertheless, Ralph Fiennes any more! Might have done his dear Mamm, had to laugh just decently when I have read my own text – strangely distorted from in English in in German – reads almost indecently, please around Pardon.On ne peut plus comparer avec un petit garçon, pourtant, Ralph Fiennes! Pourrait avoir fait ses chers Mamm, a dû rire justement courageusement, quand j’ai lu mon propre texte – curieusement tordu d’anglais dans allemand – se lit presque scandaleusement, s’il vous plaît autour de Pardon.

  3. Has thought to me, because one can read here, unfortunately, everything only in in English, nevertheless, I add – because it turns on fun (in French looks so good!) the same text in in French.

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